How did a year go so fast?


 This day a year ago, was the day I closed the doors and turned in the keys to my beautiful little store.  This was an extremely difficult day for Harlee and I.  Harlee was losing a job she loved and I was losing a business I loved. Our intentions were never to stay closed this long, but finding a new location that fit our needs never really opened up.  


What many don’t know is that we had an ideal location right here in Whiting that was going to be incredible.  It was all my visions and dreams all in one outstanding place.  I worked tirelessly scheduling all the meetings with architects, lenders, contractors, city officials.  Planning, executing, and getting granted the largest loan agreement EVER in my life! I was ready! I was ready to invest in my dream.  I was ready to invest in this wonderful city.  I was ready to invest in my community.  AND THEN…



I lost my father.  My son turned 18, graduated from high school and enrolled in the army. And  on Mother’s Day I had an epiphany.  My dream of a new location was not happening, staying where I was, was not happening, and finding a new location was not happening.  Please believe me when I say, I tried. 


One thing I have always said is, if you’re having major push back, it’s probably God speaking to you. So, I had two choices, listen or ignore.  With either decision came consequences.  Go against God’s plan and struggle or listen and he will bless me with a new door.



I don’t bring religion into business often, but I felt it was time to explain the whirlwind I was dealing with.  And how I was brought through this difficult time.  I still get requests, questions, and pleads to reopen.   Well, everyone get ready…it’s gonna sting.  I do not at this time or in the near future have plans to reopen.  That’s a door God isn’t planning on opening again and I am ok with that.  It’s hard to own a retail store.  It’s hard to work 12, 14, 16 hours a day to fill the demand of a small business.  My stress level is down and my health is up.  


Don’t get me wrong.  I miss the hell out of my store and even more, you my customers.  I enjoyed meeting and getting to know all of you.   I made so many friends, relationships and heard amazing stories in that quaint little brick building.  



I took a very short break after closing and probably should have took a longer one, but throwing myself into my work helped keep my mind busy.  Many, many days I worked in my shop sobbing.  Missing my dad, missing my son and missing my identity.  But if I didn’t, I would have felt as if I lost my purpose. 


Looking back now, I would not have changed a thing.  My business is still thriving, my heart is healing, and my son is spreading his wings. God knew what I needed and what I needed was time.  Time to learn to be an empty nester. Time to learn how to continue to grow and rebrand my little business.  Time to finish up my work and reidentify who I am.   God knows our path.  He knows our future.  It’s up to us to listen. 


SO…One day, maybe I’ll have a cute little shop, in a destination town somewhere, but for now, I’ll just be…