New Kitchen...Just Paint?


Out with the old and in with the new…sort of


All those gloomy-rainy days made for some depressing times this summer and just like that August is almost over.  Really? Where did summer go?  I remember as a kid living outside from the time school let out to the time it was back in session.  Felt like a life time.  Now that I’m older I just don’t see time as the same.  Summer time was such a free time.  Family vacations, hours spent in the pool, baseball games and rectangle pizza. Those were the days.  



I reminisced about those carefree days while I painted a family’s kitchen cabinets while they made some amazing memories this past June of their own.  



Kitchen remodels are expensive and sometimes there just isn’t the budget to invest in an entirely new kitchen.  So a few updates and some paint and poof! New kitchen without the expensive remodel.  Now there are times, that a new kitchen is warrantied.  Needs updated electric, more functioning cabinets, and well just simply a new look. But in this kitchen, some simple color changes, some new flashy hardware, the coolest new lights and bam! A hot new kitchen! 


Walls were painted in a simple white tones from Sherwin-Williams called Whitetail.  Really updates the space and brings in beautiful natural light while keeping the paneling.  Painted the trim a bright white for a clean and crisp look as well as adding protection to the sink window.



The cabinets are painted in a beautiful greenish/beige tone called Grecian Ivory.  The green undertones are so subtle but when placed against the newly painted kitchen door it really comes together.  Door was painted in Mountain Road, a deep and powerful green that’s not overwhelming. 



Now the jewelry. Originally there was no hardware on these cabinets, which is common for this era.  When smaller kitchens were designed they didn’t add hardware due to corner spacing. But we really felt we needed to add them.  

So to really set these cabinets off and tie the room together we added this combination of beautiful hardware from Home Depot.  This ain’t your grandma’s gold, this is the hottest new trend. Soft gold is H.O.T right now.  But it needs to be done right.  We also added these gorgeous new light fixtures to the kitchen and dining space to pull it all together.  


Speaking of the dinning space…the family uses their dining room for family meals.  Making their eat-in space just a clutter collector. Momma needs a space to call her own, so we created a command center!  Still in the works, but we will be pulling that space together real soon.


 This was a fun project. The joy you bring someone when helping transform a space is priceless.  I received the best voicemail from the Mrs. when they arrived home late Sunday night. Hearing the kids in the background with excitement for their new kitchen and how great it looks.  The homeowner discovering you even painted her hide-a-way cutting board. PRICELESS!  That’s one voicemail I’ll save forever!  

Want to see more pictures of this amazing makeover visit our gallery.