The Cedar House in the Woods


I have been chomping at the bit to stage this house. I first walked the home back in May and knew it needed me. The home located in the country setting of the Demotte/Wheatfield area of Indiana. The location is ideal with its proximity to town, shopping, restaurants, and most importantly, the schools.

The Cedar House in the Woods is in a peaceful setting on a secluded 10 acres. Close to major state highways making for a great commute. Sounds like heaven, right?


This Cedar House in the Woods has been on the market for some time now. Sadly enough, this home was not pulling people in the way that anyone thought it would. With the few showings it had, the potential homeowners could not image the house as a whole. What does that mean? The Cedar House in the Woods has a newer section of the house and an older part of the house. Potential homeowners are having a hard time imaging how to merge the two sides as one.

That’s when I was finally called into work my magic. I immediately start rattling off what we were going to do here, how we were going to overcome this. The REALTOR, Laura Eeingenburg is nodding, agreeing, and somewhat understanding all the things going on in my head. I love staging Laura’s homes, she’s always up to help and even brings in furniture of her own.


She’s making notes; I’m making notes. Chris is rolling his eyes because he knows he’ll be doing the heavy lifting. I’m making calls, checking Facebook Marketplace. I was working on completing a specific look.

My awesome friend, Aimee, creator at 37 Shades of Crazy comes to my aid with a few key pieces. I don’t think I could thank her enough. She indeed came through for me.

So with “The Cedar House in the Woods,” I went with a Farmhouse theme. I haven’t had the opportunity to stage a home with a Farmhouse theme. Shocking, being I had such a charming Farmhouse themed shop.

I had to add a few items, of course. Like, this impressive home sign from Kirklands and this great two-tiered caddy from Homegoods.


Since the home is cedar and secluded by many trees and shrubs, we brought in light and bright linens and textures. Along with on-trend pieces and décor to draw the eye to the size and true potential of the massive space. Adding as much Farmhouse white we could. Of course, we cannot forget a few fall touches as it’s my favorite time of the year.


This home went from vacant and dreary to bright and inviting. It’s now waiting for its forever family to fill it with love once again.

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