Our American Hero

So I had wrote a different blog for today and when I woke up so many thoughts came flooding in.  This is this one of the most difficult days in American.


We all know where we were and what we were doing on this tragic day.  I was helping a friend move.  We had stopped at the Crown Point McDonalds for cheese sandwiches (she was a vegetarian) when the guy behind the counter told us a plane had hit the Pentagon.  I thought he was joking.  We quickly changed our order to to-go and headed back to my place.  We both had small kids at the time.  So naturally we ran to our babies and turned on the TV.  Ben was 18 months.  


 After seeing the whole scope of what was really happening. I felt like life was over.  The most overwhelming fear came over me and even more so because I had brought a baby into this unstable world. 


I remember clearly being on the phone with my mom bawling my eyes out.  SO shaken and scared.  I began to hear fighter jets and helicopters racing above me.  All I could think of was my baby.  My baby boy and how I was going to protect him if this became a full blown war. 



There is nothing scarier than the uncertain.  

There is nothing scarier than watching people panic.  Rushing to stores, grabbing extra gas, sobbing.  You think of the elderly and the unable bodies that can’t fend for themselves.  The babies. All the babies in the world.


Spring forward to September 11th, 2018…my son is leaving on a bus to serve his country. As the bus pulled away all we saw was his hand sticking out the window waving to us.  My baby was leaving.  He was selfishly leaving his family for the greater good.  He was leaving to become an American Solider.  


I was again shaken, but proud.  Life became uncertain again.  My one and only and trust me, I made it very clear to all Army officials, HE IS MY ONLY ONE! Not my only boy, MY ONLY ONE!  



The time in basic was scary for me as we had very little communication.  Any brief call was like someone handed me the most precious metal on earth.  A letter was priceless.  Hearing from my baby, knowing he was ok. It’s one of those things we take for granted until you don’t have it anymore.  


But then I think, here’s this young man, barely 18 leaving all he knows.  How was he feeling? How was he doing mentally? Was he fighting back tears to be strong for me? Or was he jumping on that bus in excitement? 


With one year under his belt, Ben made it through basic with ease. AIT with ease and now he is at his duty station doing his job.  You would think the worst is over.  But really, it’s just begun.


Please pray for My Boy! My ONE AND ONLY! MY AMERICAN HERO!