Give it up for the Quad Levels!

Under contract in 24 HOURS!


Home staging has been around for quite some time and is gaining momentum more and more every market season.  Many people think it’s only for big houses, newly flipped houses or new construction houses. Frankly, home staging is for all houses.  Big or small, old or new.


I started staging homes back in my REALTOR days and it was my favorite part of my job.  Staged homes tend to sell faster and closer to asking price. 



Theory is that staging a home is unnecessary or not worth the money.  But so many of these same homes will reduce their asking price by $5,000 - $10,000.  So what’s more expensive? Paying for a good home stager or giving away your hard earned equity?


Now, there are many factors that are in play here.  Communication with your agent is key.  Pricing the home at market value is very important.  Making sure the home is clean and in working order.  You can pay all the money in the world to have your home staged but if a buyer walks into a dirty kitchen they will walk right out. Guaranteed!  



There are many different choices to staging a home from just doing an in-depth consultation to discussing paint colors, decluttering, depersonalizing to a full house makeover. History shows the homes that do a full hands-on home stage are the ones that sell the fastest and closest to asking price.


Recently we have heard a lot of talk about how it’s a sellers’ market, no need to stage when the house will sell fast.  Wrong! This is the exact time to stage. Right now you could easily have 6 showings in one day.  Leaving your house six different times is frustrating.  Who wants to do that for 2 weeks?  The longer it sits the more frustrated it gets.  A fully staged home can get multiple offers right away making it much easier to manage the selling process.



On the contrary, many homeowners think that leaving a home empty is the best way to sell a home to show off the size of the rooms.  This is also not true.  An empty home leaves the buyer feeling lost and confused.  When a home feels warm and inviting a buyer feels welcome and at home. This is key to selling your home. A staged home, even if its’ not a full stage, will sell a home faster than an empty one.  


I recently staged this spacious quad level in Munster in a quiet little neighborhood.  We did certain spaces since the family is still residing in the home. I designed the main focal points of the common areas, including the front porch and the amazing backyard complete with the cutest pool house.



I added pops of color, cozy seating and interesting wall art.  My favorite space to stage was the large backyard complete with an inground pool. Calgon take me away! My staff and I even joked about living in the pool house just to be able to enjoy the refreshing pool. 


This was such a FUN house to stage.  My crew and I loved the family as they were all so kind and accommodating.  Their little girl would say to her mom every time we finished a space.  “Mommy it’s just so pretty in there.”  I think I may have a future crew member.  Stay tuned as the house will be listed in just a few days.




Click here If you’d like to check out this spacious home.

UPDATE: This home went under contract in 24 hours. Now this lovely family can begin their new adventure.

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