Ringing in the New Year. 2019 The year of Me!

Ringing in 2019!  The year of me.


Everyday we get to reset. But so many of us wait until 12:00 am on 12/31 to reset.  When in reality the very next day we can try a new.  So, as dawn breaks we make a choice.  Wake up positive to start the day or wake up, stub our toe, and the entire day goes to shit. 


Somedays are definitely harder than others, but happiness is a choice. Being productive is a choice. Changing your life path is a choice. Are these things easy?  HELL NO!   But are they possible?  Absolutely! 


I have never been a coffee drinker.  (GASP) So to me the need for a jolt of energy has never really hit home for me.  I do enjoy peaceful mornings in my favorite chair though, so maybe my chair is my preverbal cup of coffee.  In my chair is where I start my day.  I sit and watch the outside world and take it all in.  This chair, this meaningless object, sets my whole day.  Which I’m assuming is what coffee does for others. I have had every emotion in this chair.  I have laughed, cried, and pondered so many thoughts and actions in this one chair. It’s my chair! 


For those of you following my journey, many of you know 2018 “GOT ME”!  I had so many professional and personal trials and tribulation in 2018 that when the sound of 2019’s bells rang, it was a complete RESET for me!  I don’t need the change of the year normally to tell me to reset, but this year I did.  I really did.  I don’t know if it was because 2018 came with so many challenges or if because one of the greatest losses I have ever felt happened in 2018, but I needed 2019.  I needed the reset.  I needed a NEW YEAR! 


So, 2019 will be a year for ME!  I will make choices for ME!  I will look at who and what are important to me.  I will become a truer more purposeful ME!  


It’s funny how as you age, you remove your onion layers.  Not to be vulnerable, but to be more true to who you are!  The maturing of time, the maturing of being a human.  Along, with that maturity comes wisdom.  Wisdom to accept, change, and adapt.  To see clearer.  The strength and ability to move into something new.


We are taught at such an early age “to do” for others.  Ads, TV shows, pictures, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter attack us with, be a super mom, rock the 40 under 40 list, climb the corporate ladder, have that picture perfect family, give because you can?  Really? Why? As women we are pushed and pulled into a million different direction.  But what about us?  


In 2019 I know personally where I want to be.  I know now who and what are important to me (losing a loved one can really put that into perspective) I know how valuable time is.  My time!  


Professionally, with the restructure of my business, totally rebuilding and rebranding the direction is not so clear.  With life still so up in the air with no real direction for a new space, my son’s army career taking him into uncharted territory, and my husband’s 5 year retirement plan, well 2019 may be just as sticky.  And that’s OKAY!  I don’t have to have a picture perfect life.  A growing and conquering business.  I just need to do and be for me.  With an open mind and an open heart  I will make the choice every day to get up and be there for me.  And when that happens the rest will follow…naturally.


So as everyone sets out to achieve today, remember your presence, your thoughts, your desires and wants will never happen without YOU!  Take time for YOU!  “It’s OKAY!” Focus on you and just breathe!